• Describe Your Artistic Style*

    I love music of all shapes and sizes.  Especially the kind that makes you dance.   My style is all about the feeling I have when I'm listening to music.  That's what informs my decisions as a Dj and musician.  How does it make me feel and if it makes other people happy.  It's about fun and freedom and losing yourself in the music.

  • What Inspires You?

    People who do what they love in life inspire me most.  I 'm always looking for new things, new ways to be creative and new experiences to have.  Musically I love the Chuck Berrys, Beastie Boys, Beatles and Dr. Dre's of the world for creating templates for the rest follow.  In my non musical life my wife inspires me most.  She moved here from Berlin and found a way to make it a life for herself over 5000 miles from home. She is awesome!

  • What Do You Love About Weddings?

    Duh!  People in love are deciding to spend their lives together and their friend are all coming to celebrate it.  What's not to love.  Plus we get have a mega dance party at the end.  Weddings are the best!  

  • What's Your Travel Policy?

    I love to travel!  I'll go anywhere for my rate and travel expenses.  If i wasn't doing this and I was independently wealthy I would probably just dress like that most interesting man in the world guy and just jet set.